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Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Electrical Contractor in Anaconda Montana

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In addition to being a full-service electrical our electricians are respectful, hardworking , Colbert’s Electric, Inc. is proud to also offer a number of other helpful services for our residential, commercial, and industrial customers.
The same quality work and helpful service that our customers have come to expect from our electrical services are also part and parcel of our additional services, and we are committed to customer satisfaction above all else. Here is a closer look at our additional services

Montana Excavation Services


Before you can do quality underground electrical work, you need to excavate the ground. Colbert’s Electric, Inc. has the equipment and knowledge necessary to handle this task, and can do it on industrial, commercial and residential worksites.

Septic System Installation

Montana Septic Services
Montana Dump Truck Services

We are happy to perform septic system installation for our valued residential, commercial and industrial customers. When you trust us with this job, you can rest assured that we will do it right the first time.

Dump truck service

We are also available for hourly dump truck hauling. Whether you have a bustling construction site, are moving your home or office, or are just doing an intense DIY project, we can handle the cleanup and hauling for you.

Network cabling and routing

Keep your home or office fully connected by trusting Colbert’s Electric, Inc. with network cabling and network routing in Anaconda, MT. When you trust us with this task, you will seldom have to worry about a slow or shoddy connection.
Montana Network Cabling and Routing Services

Sign Repair

Finally, if your regular or electric sign is broken, our team can repair it quickly and effectively, so that you can protect your business’s bottom line. By the time we leave, your sign will look and function at its best.

Generac Sales and Service

Colbert’s Electric is an authorized Generac Power Systems dealer.  We sell, install and service home and business standby generators.  We also provide automatic and manual transfer switches for all your emergency power needs. Generac portable and jobsite generators for your mobile power generation demands.

Thermal Image Testing And Reports

Protect your electrical infrastructure. With our thermal imaging camera we can pin point excessive thermal energy and evaluate electrical wiring and equipment for potential failures. We can inspect and repair the wiring and equipment before it causes costly damage and down time.

Electrical Service And Pole Installation

Overhead electrical service and pole installation for commercial and residential installations. We provide repair and new installations for your overhead electrical service needs. If you need a new service pole, overhead electrical lines or repair of outdated or damaged electrical equipment we can help.

Lightning Protection And Surge Protection Systems

Lightning protection and surge protection systems. We provide grounding and lightning protection systems for our commercial, residential and industrial customers. With the ever-increasing surges, spikes and imbalances, A surge protector (or spike suppressor, or surge suppressor, surge diverter, SPD or TVSS) is an appliance or device intended to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes in alternating current (AC) circuits. A voltage spike is a transient event, typically lasting 1 to 30 microseconds, that may reach over 1,000 volts. Lightning that hits a power line can give a spike of over 100,000 volts and can burn through wiring insulation and cause fires, but even modest spikes can destroy a wide variety of electronic devices, computers, battery chargers, modems and TVs etc, that happen to be plugged in at the time.

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