What is “Double Tapping” and Why is it Dangerous?

What is Double Tapping and Why is it Dangerous

When it comes to electrical defects found in the home, double tapping would have to be the most common. However, just because double tapping is common does not make it okay. Some electricians may see double tapping as a “shortcut,” but like most shortcuts, it’s not worth it. Double tapping can actually be very dangerous. […]

Determining the Cost of Electrical Installation in Anaconda, MT

You may be updating an older home or ordering electrical installation in Anaconda, MT for new construction. No matter the “how” or “why” of the project involved, you are likely concerned about the cost of this necessary but often complex task. If you are looking at electrical installation for your home or business, here is […]

Get the Scoop on Home Automation!

Ten years ago, the words “home automation” might have sounded like something out of a science fiction movie. Today, however, home automation is becoming something that’s not only attainable, but standard in many modern homes! What’s more, the level of home automation now capable is staggering—from your thermostat to your lights and just about anything […]