Determining the Cost of Electrical Installation in Anaconda, MT

You may be updating an older home or ordering electrical installation in Anaconda, MT for new construction. No matter the “how” or “why” of the project involved, you are likely concerned about the cost of this necessary but often complex task. If you are looking at electrical installation for your home or business, here is how the contractor determines the cost of the work. Knowing this will help you prepare a budget for this investment:

  • Square footage: This factor seems fairly obvious—the larger the home or business, the more expensive it is to install wiring. Larger buildings require more labor and materials than smaller ones, so the cost will be larger in a 3,000 square foot home than a 1,500 square foot cottage. There are also more outlets and switches which, again, increase the effort involved in the project.
  • Age of the building: While square footage is a big factor, there are other things to consider, too. Age will determine the ease of the work. A newer building can often have the walls removed, although that is not an inexpensive process. If you are in the process of construction, exposed walls make electrical installation in Anaconda, MT a quick task, which will cost less. However, historic buildings often require refined handling to preserve their character. Fish wires and rods are meticulously threaded through the walls to assure installation that does not damage the building’s features.
  • Access to current systems: A home with a crawl space or basement offers an easier place to work than one with limited access to utilities. This does not always depend on the age of the building, as there are historic structures that are very accessible, while newer ones are nearly impossible. Difficult access requires more labor hours, which increases the cost of installation.
  • Condition of the current electrical system: You will save money if there are portions of your current system that can be preserved. Being able to replace some parts or expand others is obviously less time consuming and reduces labor costs. However, if your system is damaged or contains exposed wires, it may need complete removal followed by the installation of a replacement system. If your home or business suffers multiple electrical failures or you find fire hazards, expect to spend more on improvements.

The good news about electrical installation is that it is usually a one-generation expense. Unless there is a significant disaster, systems do not need to be installed or upgraded very often. If you are ordering installation for a new home, it is unlikely you will live to see it need that work again. Since the risks of shoddy electrics far outweigh the potential costs of fixing them, this is work worthy of your attention and investment.

If you require a trusted contractor for electrical installation in Anaconda, MT, contact Colbert’s Electric, Inc. today to arrange for an estimate. We have been serving this area since 1981 and look forward to talking with you soon.

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