Everything You Need to Know About Network Cabling in Anaconda, MT
Everything You Need to Know About Network Cabling in Anaconda MT

It’s safe to say that most of us have begun to take the Internet for granted. We just expect our computers and smartphones to be connected to the Internet wherever we go. Many of us get frustrated when our connection is slow—and really frustrated when there’s no connection at all. To understand how we get Internet and why it’s slow sometimes, we have to know about network cabling in Anaconda, MT.

What are network cables?

You’ve undoubtedly seen network cables before, but may not have known exactly what you were looking at. The cables that connect your computer to your routers or switches are the network cables, and they are the carriers through which data flows. They’re essential to homes and businesses alike to ensure each computer has an Internet connection.

There are different kinds of cables

Not all network cables are created equal. There are different types of cables that can or have to be used in different structures. The most common type of network cabling in Anaconda, MT is called “twisted pair cables.” These are used in most Ethernet networks and are composed of four pairs of thin wires inside of a protective outer covering, which seems to usually be blue. Each pair of wires in the covering is twisted around to prevent interference from other devices, and even other cables. This type of cabling is great for homes and even small businesses that don’t necessarily require extremely fast Internet to operate efficiently. However, airports, hospitals and large corporations need a whole lot of bandwidth to get by. Instead, hey often use fiber optic cabling.

Fiber optic cables are the next generation of network cabling. Instead of using metal, these advanced cables use glass threads (or fibers) to transmit data. Each cable consists of a bundle of these glass fibers to transmit information via light waves. Fiber optic cabling is able to handle much more bandwidth, much more quickly. Fiber optic cabling is the way of the future. However, right now it’s really expensive and difficult to install. The bright side is that this is changing. Google is actually going around the country installing fiber optic cabling in select cities. Their fiber optic cables are supposed to be 100 times faster than standard Internet service today! Google is also offering free Internet to folks who want a slightly slower (but still incredibly fast) connection.

Causes of slow Internet

We’ve all experienced sluggish Internet, and it’s incredibly maddening. Sometimes it’s your Internet service provider’s fault. They may have problems somewhere down the line with their cabling. Other times, however, it could be your Wi-Fi reception. Wi-Fi is wonderful but it sometimes can have trouble getting to certain places in your home of office. It could also be that the website you’re on is having issues. If a lot of people are using the site at once, the site’s servers might get overwhelmed and crash.

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