Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Electrical Contractor in Anaconda, MT

There are substantial differences between residential and commercial properties that must be considered for any type of work or repair. When your business requires electrical service, you need to find a commercial electrical contractor in Anaconda, MT who understands that fact. Otherwise, you may not get the quality and attention that your needs require. Here are four ways that commercial electrical systems differ from those in your home:

  • Access points: This is an area where commercial work is usually easier. Since repairs can become more frequent on business premises due to power demands, systems are designed for accessibility. In your home, most wiring hides behind walls, where it can take more time and creativity to find and fix problems. It may be accessible through crawl spaces, attics or basements, but eventually, an electrician will likely have to go through a wall. On a commercial property, systems are normally in removable ceiling panels which make it easier to access the wires, even if the building lacks a crawl space or attic. This removes the often-elaborate approaches needed for getting access to residential wiring.
  • Safety concerns: Residential wiring is often less accessible due to safety concerns. There are more variables in homes, like children and pets, that make electric shock more likely if wires are not kept hidden. Shops, offices and other businesses do not have these same concerns, and it is not unusual to find exposed components—unless the business is one that caters to children or pets. Another safety aspect added to residential projects is the sheath insulation that covers the wiring. That is another measure to prevent electric shock in case a household member gets access to electric systems.
  • Outlet considerations: Equipment used in a building will often determine electric setup. Hospitals, for example, contain sensitive medical devices that not only have high power demands, but also require more protection. Outlets are specially designed to keep them safe and running under adverse circumstances, since a mere surge protector is not enough under these conditions. Commercial buildings also frequently require three-phase power so the systems can take the greater demand and machinery runs more smoothly. The most demanding appliances in a home—like washers, dryers and refrigerators—only require a two-phase circuit at most.
  • Different components: Wiring and equipment installed in homes will not vary too much from one another. Custom homes may require extra outlets or built-in surge protection for owners who want to keep their technology safe, but that does not usually meet the scrutiny demanded by businesses. There is much more of a degree of specialization between businesses, since an office will have different needs than a machine shop. Also, if an enterprise deals with volatile substances, wiring will often contain an extra coating to protect it from spills and fumes. An electrical contractor who serves business needs has to be prepared to not take a one-size-fits-all approach to every commercial job.

If you seek a commercial electrical contractor in Anaconda, MT, contact Colbert’s Electric, Inc. today. We have been serving this area for 35 years and are prepared to help your business with all of your electrical needs.

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