Five Common Types of Electrical Repair in Anaconda, MT
Five Common Types of Electrical Repair in Anaconda MT

You may be accustomed to calling for electrical repair when you cannot restore power or it is time to upgrade your system. In addition to the expected situations, there are other projects where an electrician’s expertise can prove vital. Here are some common types of electrical repairs in Anaconda, MT that you may attempt yourself, but which are better handled by our professionals:

  • Ceiling fans: Besides the fan that keeps good airflow in your home, many ranches install industrial ceiling fans to control insects and keep livestock comfortable. No matter where you enjoy the benefits of a ceiling fan, all models contain complicated elements when they need repair. They are frequently awkward, and if you have high ceilings, that increases the risk to your safety. Once repaired, they must also be balanced correctly, or you will suffer noisy or inefficient fans. The connections are also complex, especially if you have an indoor fan with a light. Electricians can handle all these elements and complete a repair more smoothly than if you attempt it on your own.
  • Outdoor lighting: Installing or repairing outdoor lighting involves many contingencies. If you are hoping to have security lights and cameras at your horse boarding facility, for example, you need to be sure the correct amperage is available. The same is true with landscape or parking lot lighting, since you likely do not want these areas going dark at night because of an electrical short. We will not only install your lighting or security system, but also assure enough power to your light fixtures and cameras. Also, outdoor light fixtures are normally located in high places, which makes access complicated. We have the equipment to get to those spots safely.
  • Replacing bulbs: Tall fixtures also make for involved bulb changes. Parking lot lights, horse arena lighting and halogen bulbs offer their challenges, mainly in accessibility. Halogen bulbs used in the energy efficient fixtures are frequently tricky to install. You do not need to take unneeded risks, break bulbs and waste time. There is no shame in calling an electrician to address burned out bulbs, especially when you just installed the latest in energy efficient technology.
  • Office networks: Computers load up commercial electrical systems. This places them at risk, since a short can fry them. Besides the computers themselves, you also need a good network, since most businesses are reliant on the Internet in some way. Repairs to old wiring can help protect computers and networks. We also do network cabling, so if there are interruptions in the signal or you suffer slow speeds, we can see if it is an infrastructure problem and address it.
  • Load testing: There can be greater demands on your ranch or manufacturing shop due to new equipment. You may even be considering additional automation but are not sure whether your electrical system can handle it. We can provide load testing to see if your new equipment can be accommodated by your system. This will assure safety, and we can repair any shortcomings we discover.

Colbert’s Electrical, Inc. offers a wide range of residential, rural and commercial electrical repairs in Anaconda, MT. Call us today if you require an electrical contractor.

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