Four Projects That Call for Professional Residential Excavation in Anaconda, MT
Four Projects That Call for Professional Residential Excavation in Anaconda MT

As a homeowner, it’s not surprising that you’ve got an ever-growing list of home improvement ideas collecting in your head. Maybe it’s a plan for that in-ground pool you’ve always wanted, or the time has come to replace that old septic tank on your property. Whatever your project may be, make sure to seek professional excavation services before starting.

Why hire an excavation team?

You may be thinking to yourself, “I’ve got shovels,” or, “I can rent and operate a backhoe.” Be honest with yourself—do you really know what you’re doing here? There are some home projects that are more intricate and potentially dangerous than simply digging a few shallow holes to plant some flowers. When you hire a professional excavation company, not only do they own the proper equipment and tools to get the job done right, they are also trained and knowledgeable in local county rules and regulations.

In short, for safety reasons—and to save time, money and to get your project done right the first time around—it’s important that you hire professionals to handle the job.

Without further ado, here are four projects that call for professional residential excavation in Anaconda, MT.

Plumbing repairs

Making outdoor plumbing repairs does not simply mean digging—it means digging up a stretch of ground to locate old pipes and connections. Therefore, there’s a greater chance that you may run into underground gas lines, cable wires and electrical channels. A professional excavation service will know where to dig, how far to dig down and how to map out needed space to make the plumbing pipe improvements.

Septic tank installation

Whether you are installing a septic tank to replace an old or damaged one, or your property is brand new to a septic system, thoroughly planning such a project is key to avoiding future septic issues. After all, you’re not hooked up to a city sewer system, so your home’s septic tank is what will collect the household’s wastewater. A pro can make sure the hole is dug deep and wide enough to hold the tank, and if you are installing a complete septic system, pipe trenches will also need accurate ground depth and width.

Pool construction

Installing an in-ground pool from scratch is not as easy as it may sound. First, you must have the proper amount of space to accommodate not only the main pool structure, but also a surrounding deck and necessary piping. You also don’t want to dig up county utility pipes or wiring. Hiring someone experienced in digging pool holes will ensure safety and better prevent damage to the surrounding area.

Major landscaping upgrades

From neighborhood telephone cables to gas lines, all sorts of shared things are buried beneath your property. You could be held liable for damages, or even cause a neighborhood-wide power outage. So before you plant a large tree or remove dirt to pour concrete for a retaining wall, consult with the excavation professionals.

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