Unique Problems Solved by an Industrial Electrical Contractor in Anaconda, MT
Unique Problems Solved by an Industrial Electrical Contractor in Anaconda MT

There is no doubt that the electrical needs of homes and businesses are different—especially when you are comparing an auto shop to a 1,000-square foot home. That is why an industrial electrical contractor in Anaconda, MT is likely to come across unique issues on the job. Here are five of these instances where you need a commercial specialist for your electrical work:

  • Adjusting load: An advanced lift system for an auto shop or eight new metal stamping machines at a manufacturing site increase the demands on electrical systems. Sometimes, the system is prepared, and an electrician only needs to add outlets. Other times, the equipment needs its own fuse and the appointment could end with two additional fuse boxes. An electrical contractor who specializes in industrial applications needs to assess the demands of new equipment and know how to adjust the current system to accommodate it.
  • Adding security cameras: When you decide to install security cameras, it is not just about mounting the cameras. You must make sure they have continuous power and a backup power source, since you do not want a power outage to stop your security precautions. Since the newest systems also offer online access and monitoring, consider your network cabling, too. It is our job to make adjustments that provide power and reliable remote access.
  • Maintaining electric fences: Farms and ranches install electric fences to control livestock and keep deer out of crops. Much like your security camera system, the fences also need a power source and backup power when that is required. While most domestic animals respect fences, you do not want to risk having them take advantage of a power outage. We can take the necessary steps to secure your electric fences and keep them functioning.
  • Knowing outlet types: There are more varieties of industrial outlets than residential. Which ones we install depend on the type of equipment you use. Even if your equipment only requires a conventional outlet, you are still not off the hook. You could need more power or additional outlets so cord control is not a problem at your shop or office. Many industrial jobs involve not only repairing outlets or installing a certain type, but also making sure there are enough of them.
  • Surge protection: If we are working in a computer-dependent office, surge protection is a big priority. A surge often destroys computers, and even if every computer has a surge protector, it can still fry the internal wiring. Adding whole office surge protection keeps your office humming even when your power demands are pushing it to the brink. While lightning is common in this area, most surges are generated by the people using the electricity. A skilled commercial electrician can install the surge protection and assure that it is adequate for the demands in your office or shop.

Call Colbert’s Electric, Inc. when you need an industrial electrical contractor in Anaconda, MT. We serve a variety of businesses and look forward to your inquiry.

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