Talk to an Electrical Contractor in Anaconda, MT About the Benefits of LED Lighting

Home design and home improvement trends tend to come and go throughout the years, with very few things actually proving themselves worthy of sticking around to change the face of homeownership. Remember shag carpet—it’s a prime example of something that just didn’t keep up with the times! Now, something like LED lighting, on the other hand, is a trend that you can count on to be around for the long haul.

LED lighting is just emerging as a popular trend among homeowners, but it’s gaining traction quicker than ever thanks to the widespread availability of lighting and accessories, as well as a general knowledge of how the technology works and the benefits it offers. If you haven’t done so already, it might be a good idea to talk to an electrical contractor in Anaconda, MT about LED lighting if you’re looking to upgrade your home.

If the prospect of LED lighting is new to you, take a look at just some of the reasons why it continues to be popular among homeowners looking to invest in a sustainable home upgrade, with tangible benefits:

  • The cost of LED lighting over the long haul is minimal! A single LED light bulb is going to cost you between $30-$50 upfront, but the cost of using that bulb over the course of a year is going to amount to about $35 total. Now, compare that to a compact fluorescent bulb and you’re looking at $7-$10 upfront, but an average annual energy cost of about $80 per year!
  • Playing on the cost savings aspect, LED light bulbs are also going to last tremendously longer than good ‘ol fluorescent bulbs. You can expect an LED bulb to give you about 50,000 hours of light before it dies—compare that to just 8,000 hours from a fluorescent bulb and the cost savings really begin to extrapolate! It could be years before you change your LED bulbs, saving you even more money on top of the initial savings of simply switching.
  • There’s a huge environmental benefit to switching to LED bulbs in your home. Florescent bulbs contain mercury, which is hugely damaging to the environment—LED bulbs don’t. On top of this, because they’re more energy efficient overall, LED lights are going to lower the energy needs of your home, thus leading to less energy waste, which ultimately leads to lower emissions via energy production!
  • Let’s also not forget about the light output efficiency of LED bulbs versus fluorescent bulbs. On average, fluorescent bulbs need about double the wattage of LED bulbs to equal lumen output. So, for example, an output of 800 lumens from an LED bulb would only require about 6-8 watts of power, whereas this same 800 lumens of output from a florescent bulb will take about 13-15 watts.

Now, this doesn’t even begin to cover the immense customization capabilities that LED bulbs have to offer! From dimmer programming to color changing light, to ambiance and programmable lighting patterns, LED bulbs offer homeowners a bevy of functions that can be customized and tailored to meet their exact needs.

If LED lighting is starting to sound better and better for your home, consider talking to an electrical contractor in Anaconda, MT about how you can start to introduce this sustainable technology to your home!

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