Protecting Your Network Cabling in Anaconda, MT
Protecting Your Network Cabling in Anaconda MT

Network cabling is an integral facet to any business—it’s what keeps your business flowing at the speed of the world around it! And although you might not see your network cabling—save for the few wires that run out of the walls to connect you—it’s important to consider if it’s being cared for appropriately. Case in point: protecting it against environmental factors that might damage it over time.

There are many ways that cabling can become compromised over time and when it does, it’s going to cause a myriad of headaches for you and your business. Take a look below at some of the easiest ways to protect your network cabling in Anaconda, MT:

  • Exterminate! Nothing is going to destroy your cabling faster than rodents or pests lurking in your walls, who are liable to find your cabling a tasty snack. Especially in older buildings, make sure you’re keeping up to date on routine extermination and treatment of pests. In this same vein, talk to your electrician or cabling installer about housing cabling in protective PVC tubing within walls, which can add another layer of protection.
  • Avoid electrical lines: When you have your network cabling laid, make sure your installation professional is steering clear of any electrical wiring. Electrical wiring is bound to interfere with data cabling, which can lead to signal trouble and more. This is also very important to remember if you’re adding cabling to existing facilities, as there will already be infrastructure in place for both existing cabling and electrical lines.
  • Rack it up: Cabling racks and other management structures are more than just a great way to create a great aesthetic for your cabling—they’re also the best way to keep cords and cables in their best condition. Racks ensure cables are properly hung and secured, instead of floating freely and loosely. In high traffic areas especially, having properly managed cables means protecting your cabling from accidents that may lead to cords being ripped from their sockets!
  • Keep up to code: Believe it or not, there are codes and standards for your network cabling in Anaconda, MT! Adhering to these codes means keeping your cabling safe and secure once it’s installed. As an example, PVC-jacketed cabling is usually not authorized for use in air handling areas because if it were to burn, it would give off toxic fumes! Not only does this keep your staff and building safe, it’ll also ensure your cabling remains safe as well.

Network cabling is quite literally the framework and foundation for your business’ digital infrastructure. Taking the time to make sure your cables, cords and fixtures are protected and in the best position to function appropriately means investing in seamlessness from your technologies and peace of mind for the future.

All of this is to say, if you’re in need of network cabling services or installation, it’s best to trust the professionals at Colbert’s Electric, Inc. We’ll make sure your cabling is installed to a superior degree and that it’s protected against wear and tear over the long term.

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