Maintenance Tips for Your Septic System Installation in Anaconda, MT for Enjoyable Summer Gatherings
Maintenance Tips for Your Septic System Installation in Anaconda MT

A backed-up septic tank. The strong lingering odor of household drain waste. Clogged drains and overflowing tank water. These are the nightmares of homeowners on a septic system. You can avoid such nightmares at your gatherings this summer by following some maintenance tips for your septic system installation in Anaconda, MT:

  • Pump your system before guests arrive: In the days before a big summer party, you’re likely to plan the food, drinks, games and dining setup. You’ll also start cleaning your house and any outside party areas. But there’s more to consider for homeowners on septic systems. If it’s been more than three years since the last time your septic tank was pumped—or if you’re expecting a large party turnout—then get it done well in advance of your big day.
  • Leave notes: Leave notes in rooms with water fixtures—like bathrooms, the kitchen and mudrooms—requesting that visitors keep from flushing or putting certain items down the drains. For example, post a list of non-flushable items: paper towels, feminine hygiene products, cigarette butts, any kind of wipe and garbage that should go in the waste bin. Also set up a big trash can in the kitchen with a note to throw all food remains in the trash instead of tossing them down the garbage disposal. After all, a simple note is a much easier and low-key way to get the word out.
  • Rope off septic system areas: If you have vast land, your guests may not know where to park. Make things easy and keep your septic system installation in Anaconda, MT safe by clearly marking a parking area and roping off septic system areas such as your buried septic tank and the leach field. Doing so can protect your septic system from heavy vehicle damage.
  • Take precautions when landscaping: Summertime is planting season, but make sure you’re not digging over septic pipes or too close to the tank. While you may want to beautify your garden before your big party, the last thing you need is a busted pipe seeping out an odorous sludge. And problems can arise later once plant roots begin to grow. If roots are invasive or near the septic system, they can get into piping.
  • Schedule regular inspections: Nobody wants to discover a septic system problem the hard way, such as while hosting a party on a warm summer day, which is why keeping to a maintenance schedule is the best way to nip issues in the bud. After a thorough inspection of the system, a professional can recommend the proper course of action, such as a cleaning, pumping or parts replacement.

Visiting a place with a septic tank can be an interesting experience for family and friends not familiar with this type of system. As a result, they may forget to adhere to proper drain use practices or wind up running over your septic tank with their car.

Don’t leave your summer parties at risk for a stinky ending. From installing septic systems and performing residential and commercial septic repairs to providing regular maintenance service, you can trust the team at Colbert’s Electric, Inc. to take care of your septic system installation in Anaconda, MT.

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